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Business wasn’t really something that was ever on my personal radar. I wasn’t interested in owning or operating a business. I didn’t want to be a boss or a manager because I’d had too many bad experiences with people in charge who didn’t know what they were doing or, worse yet, knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t care how ineffective or unprofessional it was, and these kinds of experiences left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s one of the reasons why I became a freelancer; you work your own hours, you’re your own boss and no one else’s, and you don’t have to go into any office, except the one that you make for yourself on your own terms, in your own space.

That’s pretty much exactly the way I like it, and for the most part, freelancing does what I want it to do. I get my own clients, and I can pick and choose which jobs I want to do, so I never feel like I’m being pushed into work I don’t agree with or feel uncomfortable with. That kind of control is a great feeling, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. But for every pro, there’s a con, and one of the things about freelancing that can really hurt sometimes is the irregularity of the income. You only make as much money as you can earn through client jobs, and sometimes things would be insanely busy for eight months, then just as suddenly three months with not a single job. I just accepted that as part of the deal.

Eventually I realized that during that down time, I didn’t actually have to be inactive financially. I started looking at alternative means of supplementing my income. I didn’t want a new career, I love my job, I just wanted something that could add a bit more to the bank account when things were looking a little dry. Thanks to the Internet I heard about binary options trading. One of the things that immediately jumped out at me that I liked a lot was the control you had, and that you could start trading with comparatively small amounts. A few hundred? I had enough in my savings that investing with that was okay. I couldn’t start trading with tens of thousands of dollars, but fortunately I didn’t need to.

The big problem was, like I said, business not being something I was familiar with. I knew enough to keep my own accounts and invoice clients, do my taxes, but I didn’t follow the stock market, barely knew what a commodity was, and I had to look up Forex to find out exactly what that was and what was traded on it. There was a lot to learn with this, and that made me a little nervous at first. After all, this was money. I didn’t want to make some choice out of ignorance and then have that come back and burn my savings account, so my lack of knowledge did concern me from a financial security standpoint.

Fortunately, one of the nice things about 365 Binary Options when I looked into them was that they had a lot of training stuff for people. I’m not afraid to study up on something I don’t know, so between looking things up on my own and getting a bit of guidance from the 365’s training materials, I actually got a pretty decent outline of what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to apply it.

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I decided that, at first, I wanted to just start out with stocks. The Forex stuff seemed interesting to me, but I wanted to get more confident with something familiar before venturing straight into something so new and unknown. Stocks, at least, I understood. I had experience with companies, and I followed some of the technology stuff in the industry, so I wasn’t going into binary options for stocks completely cold. I actually knew what different companies did, and some of the executives and their significance to their particular company and the industry in general.

When I started trading, at first I thought I would do everything on my computer, and I did at first. But eventually, once I got the hang of it, I really appreciated how “freeing” it was to just use my phone with the trading app instead. It’s a lot easier to just pull out a phone, do a quick check to see how your fields of interest are doing, and make a quick adjusted to a trade here and there, and then put the phone away and get on with your life.

Now, I’m actually in a pretty comfortable place financially. I didn’t bet the farm on binary options trading, and I have no intention of ever doing that. But making money on the side, especially during quiet months? That’s happening. And it’s not sucking up huge amounts of my time to do it.

Virginia Lawrence

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365 Binary Options Trading Reviews
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