Binary Options Success Story – Rebecca Goh

Business, to me, has always been about being a part of a much bigger machine. You get hired by a business owner, and you fulfill some role, like being the accountant, or a manager, or one of the marketing people, or someone in technical support that keeps everyone else’s machines operating. As long as you do your part, and the business owners aren’t doing anything stupid, you get paid, and if the business owners are actually smart, maybe things go well and you actually get a raise. That, to me, has always been how business works. It didn’t matter whether your company made something, or did something for clients, the important thing was, you joined a company and fulfilled your role in it. Everything else was out of your hands.

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I wasn’t interested in small businesses either. That just seemed like far too much effort for too little guarantee of decent returns. And there was nothing that I wanted to sell or do for other people anyway. But as a salaried employee in someone else’s business, your income will only take you so far. It’s nice to have health coverage for yourself and your family, so that’s definitely a load off when it comes to worry, but you’re not going to get wealthy being an employee when you’re not in management.

I started doing some research on different ways to make additional money. Most of it wasn’t things I’d be interested in doing, like consultation or freelancing services, but when I ran across binary options trading, that seemed promising. You didn’t need a lot of money to start, and my own estimates of my savings showed that I’d saved enough that I had some money I could “play” with if I needed to. The really nice thing though, was that binary options trading could be done on my own schedule, on a computer.

On the surface, a lot of this appealed to me, because I didn’t have to sell or market anything to people, nor did I have to provide some kind of service, or do client management. And being able to work on a computer was great, since I was already familiar with using a computer for a lot of my daily tasks, so learning one more piece of software wasn’t going to be any real challenge.

The big task was learning how to trade binary options properly. My dealings in my company and talks with my coworkers had made me pretty familiar with the way stock and currency trading worked. Binary options was new to me, however. I couldn’t look at any of the traditional stockbrokers that I would normally use for a conventional trade, so there were a lot of unfamiliar names. 365 Binary Options stood out for me because they didn’t make any wild, extravagant promises about turning me into a millionaire overnight, and the kind of support and educational materials they had on hand made it look like they were serious about teaching people the right way to trade.

So I took a chance and opened my account with them. I read up on what they offered for binary options trading, I attended their webinars, and I took advantage of their offer to consult with their experts and get some person-to-person advice. In other words, I did a lot of my own research and homework before I ever even made a trade. And I didn’t just rely on 365 Binary Options either. There were a lot of resources available online, websites dedicated to binary options, forums where traders could discuss trades, tactics and strategies, and even ways to trade when you weren’t able to trade yourself, like binary options “robots.”

Binary options itself was just another variation on the kind of speculative trading that I had some familiarity with, and I was happy to see that there was currency investment in pairs, which was something I already knew a bit about. So I started my trades there, since this was somewhat familiar ground. I made a little bit of money that way. Not a lot, but I wasn’t trading a lot yet either, so I couldn’t complain.

The big test came when I decided to start binary options trading in stocks. I could never buy and sell my own stocks because of the number of shares you needed to buy and prices on individual shares for big companies like Apple that put it far out of my reach. But with binary options trading, I could finally start making trades on those big companies. And even if the companies themselves weren’t doing well, I could still make a successful trade. That was perhaps my biggest surprise when I realized what the potential for binary options trading was. Even in an uncertain, unpredictable market, that volatility could work in favor of the trader.

I’m really glad I made the jump to 365 Binary Options and I’m excited to grow my profits with them!

— Rebecca Goh

Binary Options Success Story – Rebecca Goh
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