Is Options Trading Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Options Trading – NOT A Get Rich Quick Scheme

From an outsider or beginner’s perspective, the world of finance, investment and trading can seem like a baffling mix of numbers and people in suits doing relatively little in offices; but somehow generating millions of dollars for themselves and their clients. Part of this is just how complex trading and investment truly can be, while the other is the unfortunate result of rare occasions when exploiting the system has resulted in huge losses and damage for average citizens while the perpetrators go unpunished. It happened as recently as the 2008 financial crisis, plunging most of the world into severe economic conditions while the banks, which actually created the problems, were rescued by governments by receiving even more money to ensure they didn’t go out of business.

So it should come as no surprise that when something new comes along that claims to be quicker, easier and allows you to make money, but is still tied into this same system, there’s going to be suspicion. Binary options trading is a very new form of trading, a form that could only be possible in the 21st century. It’s only been in practice since 2009, so it’s very young compared to other forms of trade and investment like commodities and stocks. However, in that short amount of time, it’s grown in popularity, and the big reasons for this are that you don’t need to be wealthy to take part in it, and in fact, you only need a computer with an Internet connection.

That apparent ease of trading has made some cautious—or even suspicious—observers think, “This is too good to be true, this must be a get-rich-quick scheme.” But while there’s no denying how easy it is to trade in binary options, that’s where the relative ease ends. It is NOT easy to get rich, and we’ll start looking at that now.

Time & Effort

Trading on the stock market, commodity market or currency market in a successful, consistent way that reliably produces profit is a very difficult thing to do in traditional trading circles. In binary options trading, it is exactly the same.

Binary options trading is only easy in that the rules and mechanics are very simple. Rather than buying an asset, such as gold, or shares, or actual currency, it is a form of speculative trading. That means that money is traded based on a prediction of how the asset’s price is going to perform. So, rather than buying shares in a technology company, a binary options trader predicts that the price of the company’s stock will go down. If the price goes up, the trader loses the money. If the trade goes down, the trader makes money.

This means that in order for a binary options trade to be successful, a trader needs to have access to good information, have the knowledge of the sector or industry that an asset performs in, and have the experience to know how the market is going to behave in a given financial scenario. This brings an enormous skillset of knowledge and experience in order to make a successful trade, but if that hard work is done, that study and experience will pay off—as it should—with profit.

Results Matter

Binary options trading is only easier in that because traders aren’t required to purchase huge amounts of stock, commodities or currencies, the “price of admission,” in this case, the amounts of money they need to have on hand in order to trade, are much lower. It’s easier to get into because people don’t have to be wealthy to start. It is possible, however, for people who are not wealthy to become wealthy this way, but that’s not the same as getting rich quick.

Binary options trading requires time and effort to get good at it. No one starts out with $500 to trade and somehow ends up with $5 million by the end of the month, it simply doesn’t work that way. Traders have to learn the business, study the markets, and even then, they have to get a feel for the trades, the timing and deal with the same unexpected events that affect everyone else in the market. They have an advantage in that if there’s a downward trend, they can still make a profit from that, but this means acting quickly, decisively and knowledgeably.

For people that don’t want to learn, binary options trading is simply a huge pit that money is thrown into where there’s a 50% chance that some of that money will come back. There is an opportunity to make money in binary options trading, but, like with any business venture, you get back what you put in. Take the time to study finance and the markets and you will be rewarded. Try to get rich quick, and you will become poor fast.

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Is Options Trading Get Rich Quick Scheme?
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